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Does Cancun airport have shuttles? Arriving in Cancun

Travel days can be exhausting, stressful and complicated. Doing research ahead of time will always save you money, time and anxiety. Asking about shuttles at the Cancun Airport is an important part of planning your trip. The answer is “Yes, there are shuttles at the Cancun Airport”. There are a few options for getting to your accommodations but a private, pre-paid Cancun shuttle is the most recommended by experienced travelers.

  • Free shuttles available between terminals of Cancun Airport
  • Paid private shuttles to get you to your Cancun accommodations.
  • Shared shuttle may be provided by your hotel.

Cancun Airport Arrivals: Don’t Get Caught Up in the Shuffle

Arriving in Cancun you will find four modern, welcoming terminals. The Cancun Airport arrival process is designed to flow and streamline the experience to get you to the beach as soon as possible. It can get busy and may seem overwhelming but the “know before you go” philosophy applies here. That is why you are reading this, si?

International arrivals will first pass through immigration at the Cancun Airport, have your passport in hand. The new e-kiosks have made the process super fast and easy though there are still the human immigration officers to welcome you to Mexico.

After passing through immigration, you will head to the baggage claim area to collect your luggage. Wait time for bags at the Cancun Airport varies by season and by day and time of your arrival.

After you’ve collected your luggage (or skipped this step because you did carry on only!), you will pass through the customs area where you may randomly be stopped and searched. The old “red light/green light” system is the thing of the past and this has helped move visitors through the airport faster.

How do you get from Cancun Airport to Hotel Zone?

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Free Shuttles at the Cancun Airport run between terminals 1-4

If your travel group is arriving on different airlines from different parts of the world, you will want to plan a meeting place in advance. There is a free shuttle service that runs between the Cancun Airport terminals that can help unite you with your travel buddies if you are scattered on arrival. It runs every 30 minutes, just look for the sign outside the terminal or ask a friendly face, most employees speak English to help you along.

Hot travel tip! Don’t arrive in Cancun without pre-arranged shuttle services or you may find yourself in the midst of chaos! There are pirate taxis and shady drivers waiting to take advantage of travelers who did not arrange Cancun airport transportation in advance. They appear charming and nice but getting into a vehicle with a stranger with no documentation of your trip or payment is a really big risk.

Does Cancun airport have shuttles? Are Cancun airport shuttles safe? Book ahead for a guaranteed ride, no stress.

Booking your Cancun airport shuttles in advance will give you great peace of mind knowing that when you land, your transportation will be there waiting, just for you. Uniformed greeters will direct you through the sometimes chaotic Cancun airport right to your waiting van. No hassling or haggling over prices, no worries about safety, no cash involved. Reserving your Cancun airport shuttle in advance means you can stroll confidently through the arrivals area saying a simple “No, gracias” to the sometimes aggressive sales people.

You will have digital records of your booking and payment that will protect you and guarantee there are no surprise charges or changes.

  • Safe and Comfortable Cancun Vans
  • Certified Drivers with Experience
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • The shortest waiting time at the Cancun Airport
  • No hidden fees or taxes
  • VIP luxury Cancun transportation available

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