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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does your private shuttles work?

The private shuttle means that the reservation holder (name on booking) and his/her companion(s) will travel in the van, with no stops from/to the points of travel.

At the Airport, the customers must wait for the shuttle to come into Cancun's Airport arrivals parking lot since drivers are not allowed to wait long periods of time at parking lot, this is Airport Federal Law. The usual wait time is 10 minutes.

Departing from your hotel, the transportation will meet you at the hotel lobby at the confirmed pickup time.

Private shuttles are available 24 hours a day.

I'm not staying at a hotel, can you pickme up anyway?

We can pick you up from any residence or privatecondo, as long as you can provide directions, maps or links showing the location.The best way to provide this information is by email.

What if my flight is delayed?

Our greeters at the airport keep track of your flight for early arrivals or delays. There is no need to let us know that your flight is delayed.

What if my flight is canceled?

If you do change flights or your flight gets canceled, you must let us know as soon as possible.

Can I change my departure time?

Yes, but you need to inform us at least 12 hours before. Same day changes may cause your shuttle to not arrive on time for the new time requested.

How do I find you at the airport?

Our greeters wear bright green shirts and hold a Happy Shuttle Cancun Banner. Greeters are always outside the terminal and never inside (please avoid time share agents inside the airport). You will need to walkout and look for our greeters with the green shirts at the Arrivals Area.

Where can I meet our greeters?

Terminal 3 – Outside the Airport building (make sure to use Ground Transportation/Tour operator exit door), our greeter will be in front of Margaritaville Bar holding our company's banner.

Terminal 4 – Keep walking to the exit door flagged with sign “Hotel Ground Transportation / Tour operator” off the right. When coming out keep walking straight. Our greeters will be passing the mini market and welcome bar by the big blue square pole with letter “C” on it.

Terminal 2 (International flights) – Outside the airport building, our greeters will be in front of the Grab n’ Go coffee shop, off to the right of the ramp.

Terminal 2 (Mexico’s Domestic Flights) – Outside the airport building, make sure to use the Ground Transportation/Tour operator exit door. When coming out, our greeters are right off the exit ramp.

FBO – When coming out, our greeters will be right outside.

What if I can't find your greeter?

For immediate assistance please dial yourself (Do not let anyone at the airport do it for you):
+1-888-290-4506 (US Toll free number)
+52-998-887-4242 (Local phone number)
+52-998-275-5018 (Whatsapp)

Be aware of taxi scammers, they will pretend to call your transportation company and tell you to take a taxi, and that you will get a refund. Our staff will never ask you to pay for a service if you have already paid for it.

Can I add more passengers to my shuttle?

Yes, it might incur in additional charges. Our existing prices are set per group of passengers as follows:

  • Transportation for 1 up to 3 passengers
  • Transportation for 4 up to 6 passengers
  • Transportation for 7 up to 8 passengers
  • Transportation for 9 up to 10 passengers
  • Transportation for 11 up to 16 passengers

Can I do changes to my existing reservation?

Yes, however, it is required 24 hours advance notification. Changes are subject to availability.

Changes with less than 24 hours might incur additional charges for changes like the distance of the new hotel, the new number of people in the vehicle, new vehicle type, new change in arrival/departure pickup time with short notice, adding items for additional passengers, adding an additional stop at another hotel, pick up at two or more arrival terminals, and unexpected extra luggage.

I’m returning a car at the airport then I will take Happy Shuttle Cancun transportation. What should I do?

Car rental offices are by the airport away of arrivals terminal. Ask to the car rental agent to transport you to the Terminal 3 where you will meet our greeters. They will drop you off at Departure areas. For instructions to locate them, see next question.

I’m not arriving in a flight. I’m arriving myself to the Airport. What should I do to find you?

The customer's drop-off place is in the Departures area. If you find yourself in DEPARTURES, please go to the ARRIVALS area. To gain access, you will need to present your confirmation email to the security guard and say you are going to take Happy Shuttle Cancun private shuttle.

What time will my shuttle pick me up on departure?

If you booked a round trip, your departure will be arranged with our staff at the airport on your arrival. If you booked a one way, we send an email confirming your pickup time. We always schedule you with enough time sou can be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure.

What if I need to book a reservation for my relatives or friends?

Reservation owner (name on booking) has the right to change, modify and/or cancel the transportation service. We will need his authorization to use the service accordingly. We recommend to book under the actual customer that will use the reservation.

I’m traveling with a service dog, is there a restriction?

They can stay with passengers but should travel on the vehicle's floor.

If traveling with pets. Animals must be in a hard carrier and always remain in the carrier while on the vehicle. Carriers are stowed with luggage (Back of van).

Additional fee of $65 USD for cleaning services may apply in case of animals' hair molt (other passengers may be allergic), food and/or beverages spill/stain with strong smells, vomit, and/or animal waste.

What kind of vehicles are used?

We use:

  • VW Transporter vans (up to 7 passengers)
  • Toyota Hiace Vans (up to 10 passenger)
  • SUVs (up to 6 passengers)
  • Ford Crafter (minibus for up to 16 passengers)

All our vehicles are equipped with working seat bells and air conditioning.

What are the restrictions on luggage?

Luggage Size Allowance in our vehicles

  • Standard checked baggage: Maximum size is 62 linear inches (158 linear cm) 27" x 21" x 14" (length + width + height) per checked piece. Maximum weight is 50 pounds (23kg) per piece
  • Standard carry-on: Maximum size is 45 inches (115cm) (length + width + height) per carry-on.
  • Standard Personal item: purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops (case included).

Vehicle Baggage Limitations

  • Private SUVs: No more than 6 pieces combined standard and carry-on
  • Exclusive Vans: No more than 10 pieces combined standard and carry-on without prior approval.
  • Minibus (up to 16 passengers): No more than 12 pieces combined standard and carry-on without prior approval.

Unusual, Overweight and Oversized Items

If you are traveling with any item that is not considered standard baggage such as boxes, golf bags, skis, bicycles, childcare equipment, strollers, etc., plus standard luggage, you might require an additional vehicle. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Will the vehicle have the Company’s logo?

For safety reason our vehicles will have our companies banner in the front of the windshield. They are not labeled outside.

How long does my trip last?

Hotel Zone in Cancun 30 minutes.
Downtown Cancun/Playa Mujeres/Puerto Juarez – 45 minutes.
Puerto Morelos– 30 to 45 minutes
Playa Del Carmen – 45 to 60 minutes
Puerto Aventuras– 1 hour and a half
Akumal/Tulum/Tulum Hotel Zone (Boca Paila) – 1.5 to 2 hours
Times are just estimates, it all depends on your destination and traffic.

Will there be driving delays or waiting times?

We as a ground transportation company, our biggest challenge sometimes is the car traffic. It might be possible of driving delays due to unexpected situations such as closed streets, car accidents, heavy rain, constructions, etc. We ask for your patience when happens.

Transportation to private homes? (AirBnB,Condos, Apartments and or Villas)

We are willing to go to private homes within Hotel Zone and the Riviera Maya. Customers must provide accurate home address directions ("how to get to" details), home references like house color, and a detailed map (Google map pin).

Any extra time as of result of the driver spending extra time looking for the location will incur an additional cost of $15.00 US for every 15min extra time.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions terms and conditions

  • Black Friday - Friday November 26th –All day – Every adult (18+) will get one (1) free beer, when booking their service.
  • Cyber Monday – Monday November 29th- All day- 10% Off in Round Trips Private Transfers all zones, except Holbox, Boca Paila and Tulum.

How do I get a quote?

You can use our online form, email or by phone. If you have a private residence or condo, you will need to email us with your itinerary, to get a quote.

Are reservations required?

Yes, we require a minimum of 24 hours for bookings. Our shuttles are pre- booked only.

Do you make same day reservations?

We recommend calling our call center at least 6 hours prior to arrival/departure flight to check availability.

How far in advance should I book my ride?

At least 24 hours.

How can I pay?

When booking through our form on our website, you will need to pay online.

What's the next step after payment?

After you book and pay online, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't see a confirmation in your inbox, please check your spam box. If you still don't see a confirmation, forward your receipt of payment to to receive it.

Shuttle Cancellation Policies?

  • Cancellations can be requested by e-mail, live chat, WhatsApp or by calling our contact center.
  • 10% cancelation fee applies for all cancelation requests with a notice of more than 24 hours before the schedule service
  • No refund or credits are available for any cancellation request made less than 24 hours before the time of the scheduled service.
  • For cancelations due to events out of our or your control, please see below**

Changes policy

  • Al changes are subject to availability and may incur additional fees.
  • Changes and/or updates must be requested before 3 pm (Cancun time) prior to the date of the reservation.
  • Same day changes for times between 8pm – 6am are subject to availability and will incur additional fees.
  • We reserve the right on arrival service to deny changes between 8pm & 6am.
  • Only the reservation holder (name on booking) can make changes or updates to booking

No-Show Policy

  • A reservation will be flagged with a No-Show status when the customer does not show up to use the transportation service on the date and time solicited at booking time or fail to inform Happy Shuttle Cancun of changes or cancellation.
  • No refunds or credits apply for services flagged as no-shows.
  • Maximum waiting time on arrivals is 1 hour and 30 minutes after the flight registered has landed in Cancun.
  • If arriving on separate flights the maximum waiting is 1 hour and 30 minutes after the last registered flight has landed in Cancun.
  • If arriving on separate flights and only one flight information was provided, the service will be subject to availability and may incur additional fees.
  • Changes or cancelations due to causes beyond yours or our control will be evaluated by our contact center.
  • Maximum waiting time for departures/hotel to hotel services is 10 minutes.

Cancellations due to Force majeure/events beyond our control policy.

A monetary refund will not be possible in situations where the trip must be cancelled, interrupted and/or deferred for reasons of force majeure/events beyond our control, such as, but not limited to, weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, pandemics, wars, etc...

We will let you suspend or reschedule a service that has been interrupted due to force majeure/events beyond our control with a credit of the amount paid or service not used. This credit or service not used will be available towards a new booking with an expiration date of up to 12 months, starting from the date of the original service date.

In case there is a variation in price for the new booking, you will be required to cover the difference to complete the new reservation.

These cases will be reviewed and evaluated by our contact center to provide you with a proper solution/mutual agreement.

Tour Cancellation Policies?

  • Cancellations can be requested by e-mail, live chat, WhatsApp or by calling our contact center.
  • 10% cancelation fee applies for all cancelation requests with a notice of more than 24 hours before the schedule service
  • No refund or credits are available for any cancellation request made less than 24 hours before the time of the scheduled service.
  • For cancelations due to events out of our or your control, please see Cancellations due to Force majeure/events beyond our control policy above

Changes policy

  • For all tours the minimum modification time is before 6pm the day prior the tour date.
  • Not all tours include transportation but if so, please be at the Hotel Lobby/or at the indicated pickup location 10 minutes before the confirmed pick-up time. There is no courtesy waiting time for tours. In case of not showing up at the confirmed pick-up time, the transportation will drive away, and it will be considered a "no show" which will be considered as a cancelation with no refund.
  • Tours reschedule is allowed with no additional fee requested before 8 pm a day prior tour date.
  • For same day changes, please call +52-998-887-4242 | WhatsApp +52-998-275-5018 | From the US 1-844-310-9821.

Terms and conditions

  • About Weather: Rains do not affect the tour activities; all tours will continue as scheduled. However, if port authorities close the boat's navigation due to strong winds predictions, the tour could be rescheduled or cancelled. If canceled due to port authorities’ instructions, customers will be entitled to a full refund for those tours affected (snorkeling tours, Whale-Shark tour, scuba diving and/or catamaran tour).
  • Health issues: For unforeseen sickness or injury that prevents to do the tour or activity, we will need a valid doctor’s prescription to avoid the cancellation policies.
  • Questions regarding your tour, please contact us at with your reservation number.

Tour No-Show Policy

A reservation will be flagged with a No-Show status when the customer does not show up to the activity or to the pickup location on date and time solicited/confirmed at booking time and/or fail to inform Happy Shuttle Cancun 24 hours before of changes or cancellation.

I'm traveling with children. Do you provide car seats?

Car seats are not mandatory to use in Mexico. We do have front facing car seats, at no extra cost. Due to the nature, limitations, and operations at the airport they are subject to availability, however, 90% of the time we can provide them. Please request them at booking time. Should you consider this item a must. we recommend bringing yours to use in any transportation service you use during your visit.

Help! I've left a belonging in the van. What can I do?

The sooner we know the better we can help. Please call for immediate assistance or email our team. Our vehicles/vans provide multiple transfers throughout the day for hundreds of travelers and your belongings may get misplaced or picked up by another passenger. Happy Shuttle Cancun IS NOT responsible for misplaced/damaged/forgotten items. If an item left is found by our driver, security, or car washers, they will take it/them into Happy Shuttle Cancun's Lost and Found where they will be guarded until further instruction of the owner. We've helped sending dozens of lost items back the owner at their hotels or in another country. Delivery/Shipping cost will go on customer expense. Shipping companies have international shipping policies, some items may not be shipped.

Can I arrange specific drinks for my shuttle?

Drinks such as beer, soft drinks, kids’ apple juice, and bottles of water are available on a pre-order basis at additional cost. Our beverage brands menu is limited to Corona, Coke, Diet Coke, El Valle kids apple juice and Bonafont water, however, this may vary based on merchandise availability. Make you pre-order at booking time or contact us to add them at least 24 hours prior to the arrival date. Cans only, no glass bottles available for safety reasons. Per Airport regulations, beverages must be delivered once on board the vehicle not before.

What happens if Happy Shuttle Cancun notices a passenger or passengers under the influence of heavy use of alcohol?

For safety reasons, Happy Shuttle Cancun has the right to refuse service to anyone under the influence and or heavy use/abuse of alcohol/illegal substances, or anyone bringing illegal drugs/substances to México, and/or disrespectful behavior. If this is the case, customers will lose their service and no refunds will apply.