How much to tip a shuttle driver in Cancun? Advice from the experts at Happy Shuttle Cancun

Tipping is considered customary in Mexico and first-time travelers often ask “how much to tip a shuttle driver in Mexico” and “who do you tip in Cancun”, excellent questions dear readers! Mexico is known for its world-class service in tourism and the hard-working people who bring this service earn every single tip and more with their professionalism and courtesy. Any tip is gratefully received, so what is the tipping etiquette for drivers in Cancun and the Riviera Maya?

In general you should tip your Cancun shuttle driver 50 pesos per person on board. That’s about $2.50 USD but please remember that it is best to use the local currency of pesos for tipping! Change from other countries cannot be exchanged here in Mexico so US coins are a big no. You can absolutely tip in dollars, but stick to paper denominations, no coins please!

Tipping your Cancun shuttle driver for superior service above and beyond

The going rate for tipping your Cancun shuttle driver is 50 pesos per person, but that is just a starting place. If you have many bags, you may want to add 20 pesos per piece of luggage that the driver has to carry and load into the van. Same for packing up strollers or wheelchairs.

If your Happy Shuttle Cancun driver extends service above and beyond, consider adding a little extra tip to say muchas gracias. The certified, licensed, bilingual drivers of Happy Shuttle Cancun are known for their friendly manner, their courtesy and their fun side in sharing their advice for getting the most out of your Cancun vacation. Showing your gratitude with an extra tip is always appreciated!

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How much to tip for transportation in Cancun? Shuttles, taxis, buses, tours?

There are lots of ways to get around in Cancun, which transportation services get your tips? It is not customary to tip taxi drivers unless they help you move a lot of bags or people or they do something extra beyond the drive to your destination. Public buses there is no need to tip but for private resort shuttles you should consider a tip of 20 pesos per person. Did you enjoy a Cancun tour to Chichen Itza? Don’t forget to tip not only your guide (recommended 100 pesos per person) but your tour bus/van driver as well (about 20 pesos), they keep you safe throughout the day.

Happy Shuttle Cancun has the best drivers in the Mexican Caribbean! Your tips for your shuttle driver in Cancun are greatly appreciated, muchas gracias!

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