How to avoid Cancun airport scams and pirate taxis

Cancun airport scams are not new but the pirates keep finding ways to confuse travelers and con them out of their hard-earned vacation dollars and pesos! Save yourself money, time and stress with pre-booked Cancun airport transfers at a guaranteed price, certified drivers, and reliable service with Happy Shuttle Cancun. Remember that it is illegal for taxis to pick up passengers outside the Cancun airport and Uber and other rideshare apps are not permitted at the Cancun airport.

Even with your confirmation number and confirmed reservation, you must take care not to be scammed by pirate taxis at the Cancun airport. They may look “official” and be wearing something that looks like a uniform and an ID. They will smile and appear friendly as they ask for your transportation information but then the Cancun airport scammers will lead you astray. They will tell you that your vehicle has already left and you will have to pay for the next departing shuttle. You will be misdirected, guided to their associates in pirate taxis outside the Cancun airport and you will find yourself the victim of professional cons.

They may tell you that your money will be refunded, but this is part of the fraud. They will pretend to be an “official” representative of Happy Shuttle Cancun but if they are not wearing the distinctive neon green uniform with our logo, just keep walking. Unfortunately we are seeing Cancun airport scams impersonating Happy Shuttle Cancun increase and we want to ensure our guests avoid being scammed.

  1. Once you have your Happy Shuttle Cancun reservation you will NOT be asked to pay any further fees or costs. DO NOT allow anyone impersonating one of our representatives to con you out of a single peso.
  2. Keep walking until you see the distinctive NEON GREEN shirts with the Happy Shuttle Logo clearly visible.
  3. Look for the Happy Shuttle Cancun sign with YOUR name on it, don’t go with anyone who doesn’t have this sign.
  4. Our friendly Cancun greeters in neon green with the Happy Shuttle Cancun sign with your name, will carry official ID and will have your name on their pre-printed reservation list. Be sure to check their list and see that your name and confirmation numbers match and you’ll be all set to board your comfortable, OFFICIAL Happy Shuttle Cancun transportation.

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Delayed flights arriving at the Cancun airport: Don’t let the fraudsters fool you with common Cancun airport scams

Happy Shuttle Cancun will never leave you stranded! We follow your flights and ensure that even if you are delayed that we are there to get you to your Cancun resort or Riviera Maya hotel. The pirates will hover around the baggage area and prey on tired travelers, telling them that the transportation has already left and they will need to pay for a new transfer. IGNORE THEM AND WALK AWAY until you see the REAL Happy Shuttle Cancun greeters in neon green with the official logo, a sign clearly marked with your name and a matching reservation number on their printed list.

Cancun airport scams: Have any doubts? Contact our 24/7 Happy Shuttle Cancun customer service

When you reserve your private Cancun transportation with Happy Shuttle Cancun you will receive confirmation with your reservation number and our local contact numbers. Our friendly, bilingual customer service reps will take your call or help you via Whatsapp if you have any doubts about the service you have booked with us. We recommend having your confirmation handy in your phone as you disembark in order to verify your reservation number with our official Happy Shuttle Cancun greeters in neon green and have our contacts close at hand for any questions or doubts.

Once again, to avoid Cancun airport scams, be sure to reserve pre-arranged transportation, do NOT give anyone money at the airport for transportation (you have pre-paid in total, we will never ask for more money!), look for and verify that you are with Happy Shuttle Cancun greeters with our distinctive neon green uniform with logo, clearly marked sign with your name and our logo and check the confirmation number on the printed list of the greeters.

The best way to avoid Cancun airport scams is with guaranteed private transportation with Happy Shuttle Cancun!

Contact Happy Shuttle Cancun and avoid Cancun airport scams and the stress of arriving at the Cancun airport without transportation! With your pre-arranged private Cancun airport transfers you can rest easy and relax knowing that your ride will be there, on time, with friendly guaranteed service. Pre-paid and ready to ride, we’ll get you to your Happy place with the best service in Cancun!