Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Cancun

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As the sun comes down sail aboard on an incredible pirate boat through the Caribbean sea, experience a pirate show with cannon explosions and clashing swords making it the perfect background for a delicious dinner for all your family! Happy Shuttle Cancun is your key to enter the enigmatic Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Cancun... one of the most exciting boat tours in Cancun in 2018!

Your epic adventure starts at 6 pm departing from the ferry dock at the heart of Cancun Hotel Zone. Once aboard the Jolly Roger Boat Cancun music will be played and the drinks will start flowing, enjoy non-alcoholic drinks or hit the deluxe open bar featuring Tequila Don Julio, Vodka Ciroc, Whisky Buchanan's and a pirates favorite Rum Zacapa.

Later on Jolly Roger Pirates dinner show, a friendly pirate staff will offer you different types of menus. Book your premium menu and have a lobster and filet mignon or take the regular menu to have some grilled salmon, chicken breast, and fish filet. Or take the vegetarian option and children's menu.

Well-fed the lights will come down and it only means it's time for the main event at the Jolly Roger Tour Cancun, enjoy with your significant others colorful fireworks while pirates swing across the boat battling for their honor with real swords! Cannon explosions will be the scenery for a battle like no other, where professional sound, lighting and special effects will make you never forget this show... without a doubt the best dinner cruise in Cancun!

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Jolly Roger Pirate Boat

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Jolly Roger Pirate Boat Cancun
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